Dynamic Social & Media Content Syndication for 2nd Screen.

Connected devices have changed the way users are interacting with media: from passive and one-way to proactive and interactive. Users now comment on or recommend a TV programme and search for related information – with both friends and the wider social community. This recent development is known as 2nd Screen. Related to this is a marketing approach referred to as Content Syndication: digital content is created once and delivered together to diverse (marketing) channels. This allows for efficient content control, delivery and feedback from users. SAM will develop an advanced social media delivery platform, which is based on these two concepts – 2nd Screen and Content Syndication.

SAM provides open, standardised ways of characterising, discovering and syndicating media content items interactively. Users will be able to consume and prosume media content from different syndicated sources, using different synchronised devices, ranging from tablets, phablets and smartphones to notebooks and connected TV sets. With SAM content providers can create richer, enhanced experiences around original media content items such as television programming, TV shows and on-demand video.

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